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Educate, Simulate, Innovate, Motivate



FSCH Practice Readiness Centre Brochure (2.5 MB) PDF

The best way for staff to respond calmly in emergency situations is to be well-trained so they feel confident providing the best possible diagnosis and treatment outcomes. Training scenarios ultimately benefit patients by helping provide quality care gained by keeping medical knowledge current.

The Practice Readiness Centre provides staff of all disciplines the opportunity to learn and practice in a safe setting. The Centre is equipped with a family of computerized mannequins who mimic a variety of scenarios including trauma and other clinical situations. The equipment that is needed for a Practice Readiness Centre will contribute to a realistic learning environment. This will increase skill and result in a high level of patient care.

Simulation is a training technique which enables learners to practice and master individual and team skills to enhance the quality of care and improve patient safety.

Benefits of Practice Readiness Centre:

  • For all staff and physicians
  • Develops confidence in safe learning environment
  • Freedom to learn from mistakes without causing patient harm
  • Train and prepare for high risk situations
  • Can bridge the gap between text book learning and real life situations