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Hospital Foundation Scholarship


The Fort Saskatchewan Community Hospital Foundation awards two Memorial Scholarships of $1500 yearly. The Scholarships are designed to assist staff in broadening their skills with further education. The Scholarships are awarded to staff members employed at the Fort Saskatchewan Community Hospital and Sherritt Health Services Centre.

Congratulations to this year’s recipients Debra Elzinga & Ian Charach.

For more information read more here.




CT Scanner Comes to the Fort

CT Scanner Campaign Folder (8.5 MB) PDF

Since its introduction in the 1970s, CT has become an important tool in medical imaging to supplement X-rays and medical ultrasonography. Although it is still quite expensive, it is the gold standard in the diagnosis of a large number of different disease entities. It has more recently begun to also be used for preventive medicine or screening for disease, for example CT colonography for patients with a high risk of colon cancer.



Hospital Construction

About our Objectives (1.4 MB) PDF
Naming Opportunities (1.2 MB) PDF
New Hospital Overview (1.6 MB) PDF

Donations at WorkThis thermometer gauge stands in front of the Hospital Construction site and the current hospital site.

It shows the amount of money that has been raised during the CT Scanner Campaign.

You can watch it rise as we continue fundraising to reach our goal of purchasing a CT scanner for our community.

As a result of this campaign, there have also been funds raised for a Healing Garden as well as for Palliative Care.